From the President:                                                                                      5/1/15

To : All Officers
From: The Executive Board

The Union is receiving numerous complaints from the Officers about member(s) of local management being disrespectful and unethical during telephone conversations.
Option 1: you can send a detailed statement to any member of the Executive Board. The Board understands that you fear repercussions if you file a written complaint. 
Option 2: you can file a anonymous complaint by calling the VT-SGI Company's Ethics Hotline. The telephone number to call is,
(877) 664-0383.
Bob Bensing
Local 20 UGSOA
P.O. Box 78147
St.Louis, Mo 63178                     



H+W Memo from the international president

HW Union President.pdf  Click on this link to read the Memo.

Pentagon Newsletter October 2015

​Please click on the link above to read some information about Identity Theft. This information was passed onto the Union.

Thank you to all who could participate in Local 20's Spring Fling at River City Casino.  We Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we'll see you at the next one. Local 20 Executive Board

To: All Members                                                                                                                                        7/14/15
From: Local 20 Executive Board

It has been brought to the Union's attention that Officers are calling the Company's,twenty-four (24) hour cell phone and are getting no response, either by a manager not answering or not receiving a call back from a manager after leaving a message.
In order for the Union to address this situation, the Union needs a brief statement from Officers who have experienced this problem.
The statement should be brief, include day, date, and the time of call and forward this statement to Chief Steward Dan Arvizu.

Bob Bensing
Local 20 UGSOA
P.O. Box 78147
St.Louis, Mo 63178


Date:​ March, 13th   Time: 0800-1200


The first 50 rounds are FREE!!!

​You may contact the office to schedule time on the

​F.A.T.S. Machine for training.

Please Read IMPORTANT:

If  you plan on attending an open range session.

You must call The Office @ 1-636-375-0455 during business hours to schedule a shoot time. If you do not talk to The Office you will not be able to shoot!!!